Xuesong Bai | 白雪松

I am currently a first-year Ph.D. student in Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Irvine.

I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2020 from University of Cincinnati and Chongqing University.

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Recent News
  • [08/2023], One paper got accepted by USENIX Security '24. Congrats! Qifan!
  • [02/2023], Our paper Ghost Domain Reloaded was presented at NDSS 2023, see you in San Diego!
  • [11/2022], Attended ACM CCS 2022, really enjoyed the experience.

I'm interested in Compter security, including network architecture and protocol design, security and privacy with machine learning.

Ghost Domain Reloaded: Vulnerable Links in Domain Name Delegation and Revocation
Xiang Li, Baojun Liu, Xuesong Bai, Mingming Zhang, Qifan Zhang, Zhou Li, Haixin Duan, Qi Li, Haixin Duan
NDSS, 2023
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ResolverFuzz: Automated Discovery of DNS Resolver Vulnerabilities with Query-Response Fuzzing
Qifan Zhang, Xuesong Bai, Xiang Li, Haixin Duan, Qi Li, Zhou Li
USENIX Security, 2024
  • Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC):
    • NDSS '24: Summer, Fall
    • EuroSys '23: Fall
  • Assistantship@UC Irvine:
    • CompSci 132: Computer Networks, Grader
  • Assistantship@U of Cincinnati:
    • ENED 3061: PROB STATS I, Teaching Assistant

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